Author guideline

This is a guideline for authors who are interested to submit their paper to the International Journal of Business and Innovation, IJBI. Submitting manuscripts in the correct format and in compliance to the requirements will expedite the review process and prevent undue delay in publication. The publisher reserves the right to reject or return manuscripts which are not prepared according to the stipulated guidelines.


Preparation of Text

IJBI invites contributions of academic papers not more than 20 pages (A-4 sized pages) in MS Word with font size 12 (Arial), spacing between the lines should be 1. and Normal margin. The manuscript should be written in English and adhere to the format as prescribed in APA format. A submitted manuscript to IJBI must be original, and has not been published elsewhere nor should it be currently or pending review with any other journal or publisher .


All appropriate co-authors must be included on the paper, and all co-authors have seen and approved the final version of the paper and agreed to its submission for publication.Only e-mail address of corresponding author must be provided.


Title should be as concise as possible but informative enough to facilitate information retrieval. Abbreviations should be avoided when constructing a manuscript title. A manuscript title should not be more than 25 words in length.


The abstract should be between 150–200 words in length. It should be a stand-alone document that can be understood without reading the full manuscript. The abstract should not contain literature citations that refer to the main list of references attached to the complete article nor allusions to the illustrations. The abstract should give a clear, concise and informative summary with following sequence:

Purpose of the study:

Research methodology:


Significance of the study:


Provide 3–5 specific and suitable keywords related to the manuscript.


Acknowledgement should include the source of funding, where the funding agency is written in full followed by the grant number. Multiple grant numbers should be separated by commas. Funding acknowledgment can be written in the form below.

Example: This work was supported by World Health Organization [grant number xxxx].

References and Referencing Styles

•  References in text

Manuscripts should adhere to the format as prescribed in APA Style .


Single author … as explained by Morris (2005)…

OR … (Morris 2005)…

Multiple authors … following Boyce et al. (2009)

OR … (Boyce et al. 2009)…

•  List of references

Every reference cited in the manuscript text must be listed in the References section or Notes (Footnotes/Endnotes). Examples:

Prahalad, C. K., & Lieberthal, K. (2003). The End of Corporate Imperialism. [Article]. Harvard Business Review, 81 (8), 109-117.

Prahalad, C. K. (2011). The fortune at the bottom of the pyramid: Eradicating poverty through profits (5th anniversary ed.). Upper Saddle River , New Jersey : Pearson Educational Inc.


 IJBI practices double-blind peer review; both author/s and reviewers are unknown to one another.


Proofs, prior to final publication, will be sent to corresponding authors via email in PDF format. It is therefore essential that all submissions contain the e-mail address of the corresponding author.


At present there is NO publication fee in the IJBI. After the acceptance, journal would be published for free of cost.


All contents of the journal are freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal.